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Painting a Brighter World for You to Live In

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Brighter World Painting is not only our name, but our company mission. Since 2005 we have offered low VOC and no VOC paint products to our customers, and practiced the fundamental principles of waste reduction and energy conservation.

Brighter World painting is affiliated with Sarasota Green Connection US, and a member of the Sarasota Green Partnership. By offering eco-friendly painting alternatives, recycling, cutting back on water usage, and using re-usable alternatives to tools and supplies, we are participating in a conscious effort to improve the air quality in your home and helping the environment simultaneously.

Brighter World Painting takes pride in its function as one of Sarasota and Bradenton’s select green paint providers. Never sacrificing quality, Brighter World Painting uses minimal odor, low-volatile organic compounds (VOCs) green paint that maintains exceptional application and film performance on interior and exterior surfaces.

In the pursuit of profit, many painting companies generate a lot of waste (by using disposable materials like plastic drop cloths, single use brushes, throw away tray liners etc). Brighter World Painting has a different approach . We use reusable materials whenever possible. We take our time on each job. This results in a higher quality finish, and it cuts down on our waste and corollary costs (a savings that is passed on to the customer). It takes a little more effort on our part, but it is worth it!

Brighter World Painting has sponsored and participated in several Green events that have brought new products, education and a new attitude about Green living to the Sarasota and Bradenton area. By participating in events like Efest, Green Home Wamalama and the Sarasota Association of Realtors – Green Realtors – Green Home Expo, we are continually learning about the latest products and services that share the same eco-friendly mission, and are sharing it with you!





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